Child's Potential


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Child's Potential

Child's Potential.
For a child, every day brings endless opportunities to learn something new. And when children have better attention and focus, they can remember the details and learn so much faster. That's why good nutrition is so important.
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Papa Notes
Reading With A Difference
It is a growing trend for fathers to be more involved in their child's education. A father has always been an important role model in a child's life and his involvement will definitely go a long way to making a difference.
Let's start with reading for your pre-scholer. Starting them young gives you a head start in helping to develop the right attitude towards reading.
What can dads do to inculcate the reading habit in his child ? Well, first he needs to teach his child how to read and then he needs to ensure that his child's interest in reading is sustained. Be as creative as you want because there are a variety of ideas for you to use.
Tracing Lines.
Early childhood development experts suggest that you move your finger under the words as you read. This helps your child to make connections between sound and shape and also be familiar with the direction used to read, i.e. left to right.
Shared Reading.
Not only do you need to set a good example as a reader, sharing such important moments become an experience your child will look forward to. The comfort of sitting on your lap and the physical closeness is added value to the fact that learning is also taking place. Read something at their level of understanding, talk to them about what you read, question them so that you know they are listening.
Alphabet Song.
Instead of the usual and more common song of ABCDEFG--HIJKLMNOP, why not use the phoenic sounds of the letters of the alphabet so that your child can learn to sound them out ? You can sing to these sounds - "Ah, Buh, Cuh, Duh, Ehh, Fuh, Guh..."
There are many clubs and libraries that cater especially to children's interest. Not only do they have space specially dedicated to children,s books, very often they have story-time sessions. Try to attend these sessions and encourage them to borrow books as well. Let them choose the book you can both read together back home.
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